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The golfer’s lift is a common bending and lifting technique that can be used when reaching down to pick up objects that are close to or on the floor. Compared to simply bending over at the waist with your legs straight, this strategy recruits more muscles and takes strain off the lower back.


As you can see above, the back leg points straight back to counterbalance the weight of the upper body as you lean forward. If balance is a concern, the back toe can remain in contact with the floor for improved stability. It is also recommended that you hold onto a stable surface, such as a chair or countertop, when using this technique. The golfer’s lift helps to maintain good ear, shoulder, and hip alignment, keeping the back straight and protecting the spine’s natural curves.

Tips When Using the Golfer’s Lift

  • Use when picking up smaller, lightweight objects
  • Engage your core and glutes on the way up
  • Hold on to something for stability

The golfer’s lift can be used in the context of both daily functional and work tasks and can help reduce injury risk. Consider trying this technique when:

  • Reaching for items on a lower shelf
  • Reaching into a deep container, chest freezer, or top loading washing machine
  • Picking up a pen, piece of paper, or clothing from the floor