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Industrial Ergonomics

Office or Industrial Ergonomics

Ergonomic Consultation for industry or office are performed by clinicians who are certified in ergonomics. The clinician employs industry standardized tools and expertise to reduce risk of injury to the employee. Recommendations may include further assessment of neutral postures, body mechanics training, equipment improvements and/or ergonomic controls.

Office Ergonomics

  • Work Station Evaluations
  • Standing work station criteria & behavior training
  • Equipment evaluations

Industrial Ergonomics

  • Industry standard tools
  • Determines level of risk for employees
  • Provides solutions for decreasing risk
  • Clear, easy to understand reporting

Office and Industrial Ergonomics Assessments with iWorks Health

  • Clinician certified in ergonomics observes job tasks while employee works
  • Assessment focus is on workstation, equipment, tools and environment for hazard and risk
  • Data collection, interview and observation are utilized
  • Video and photo documentation
  • Reporting of repetitive high force, lifting and other risk areas with recommendations for improvements provided

Your clinician will apply industry standardized tools and scales to identify risk. A typical estimate includes 4-6 hours per station/work area.

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