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iWorks Health Lifting Series: One Knee Lift and Half Kneel

09.05.2022 | Healthy living, Prevention, Safety

One Knee Lift and Half Kneel

one knee lift

The one knee lift and half kneel techniques are great options for low-level bending and when attempting to lift from the floor when the object does not have handles.

Half Kneel Lift


As you can see, it is important to use a wide base of support and open your hips up toward the task you are working on or object you plan to pick up. Whether you are working in a half kneel position or planning to perform a one-knee lift, pushing your bottom back and hinging at your hips will get you in the most efficient position to use several muscles together. Hinging at the hips will also help to maintain good ear, shoulder, and hip alignment, decreasing strain to the lower back. With both techniques, it is important to monitor the position of your front knee. Keeping your knee behind your toe will help to protect your knee joints, as well as maximize the activation of your leg and glute muscles to help you lift.

Tips When Using the One Knee Lift

  • Push through the heel of your front foot and the toe of your back foot on your way up
  • Focus on activating your core and glutes as you lift
  • Exhale as you lift
  • Monitor the position of your knee relative to your toe when lifting and lowering a load

The one knee lift and half knee positions can be used in the context of both daily functional and work tasks and can help reduce injury risk. Consider trying this technique when:

  • Lifting softener salt, pet food, soil, or mulch
  • Performing gardening or yardwork tasks
  • Bending to perform work tasks that require a sustained posture at a lower level
  • Reaching to a low shelf