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Onsite Injury Prevention: The Unique Role for an Occupational Therapist

04.11.2022 | Therapy

Onsite Injury Prevention: The Unique Role for an Occupational Therapist

Pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy provides the unique opportunity to work in a variety of settings and with diverse populations. For example, Occupational Therapists may work in a hospital setting in acute care or acute inpatient rehabilitation. They may work in skilled nursing facilities, transitional care units, or provide home healthcare. They can even specialize in areas like hand therapy, mental health, pediatrics, or early intervention just to name a few examples.

An exceptionally unique opportunity for Occupational Therapists can be found in workplace ergonomics, specifically onsite injury prevention. With a strong background in activity analysis, Occupational Therapists have a skilled lens through which they can evaluate risks, problem solve solutions, and create modifications in a work environment to keep employees happy, healthy, safe, and productive.

Our Occupational Therapists at iWorks Health are Certified Industrial Ergonomic Evaluators (CIEE) and can provide in-depth Ergonomic Consultations to support employers in problem-solving a variety of risk factors and challenges. They use their keen observation skills, activity analysis background, knowledge in anatomy and kinesiology, and training in understanding person factors to provide solutions that help reduce injury risk. They also provide onsite first aid under OSHA guidelines, addressing employee soreness and musculoskeletal discomfort using a variety of methods. Lastly, they educate and coach employees on how to help themselves, teaching them strategies and techniques for self-management of soreness and educating them on ergonomic modifications and body mechanics.

Occupational Therapists are a perfect fit for providing onsite services to help employers reduce recordables, workers’ compensation costs, and time loss.


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