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MobileWorks Case Study

Gresser Companies, Inc.

Any employee of an iWorks Health’s Employer Partner reported a knee injury from a slip at home. iWorks Health was contacted by the employer to provide an on-demand onsite visit (MobileWorks) to provide OSHA first aid services.

A construction company employee slipped at home on the ice and sustained a knee injury. As a carpenter, his job required him to kneel while working on new concrete. He reported to the HR Director that he was unable to tolerate kneeling due to his knee being sore. The HR Director was able to temporarily accommodate the employee with nonkneeling tasks, but needed additional support and contacted iWorks Health, via their online dashboard, to request an urgent, onsite visit (MobileWorks) with iWorks Health’ therapist to care for the employee and log the complaint.

iWorks Health received the request the same day and was onsite to meet with the employee within 24 hours. The therapist established rapport with the employee by listening to his story of the fall at home, his inability to work in a kneeling position, and his concerns regarding the severity of the injury. Despite the soreness in his knee, he was at work and doing what he could to get through his day. He noted that he had purchased a knee support at the drugstore and was having difficulty sleeping. The therapist then performed a physical examination of the knee. There was intact range of motion and slight swelling. The therapist provided ice, performed massage, and taped the employee’s knee. The employee was given a soft knee support to wear throughout the workday with instructions to alternate the support he purchased along with the support that had been provided so he would have one for work and home. The therapist also provided education regarding neutral knee positioning, using larger muscles to compensate, and reassurance that the soreness would dissipate so he could return to his full duty as a carpenter. Clear recommendations for home and work activities were provided to the employee, the HR Director, and the company foreman. The instructions were also posted on iWorks Health’ portal for secure access by the employer.

At the beginning of the first visit the employee reported his soreness a seven (7) out of 10. By the end of the visit, after the therapist addressed the employee’s concerns and provided care and instruction, the employee rated their soreness at a three (3) out of 10. The employee felt more confident and his fears were reduced as a result of the visit. The therapist recommended a follow up visit three (3) days later.

At the follow up visit, the employee again reported elevated levels of soreness (five (5) out of 10). When the therapist inquired about his increased pain, the employee mentioned that he had talked to a friend that also had a knee injury but was misdiagnosed and ended up requiring surgery, leaving him in constant pain. The employee was clearly influenced by his friend’s experience and as a result had increased anxiety and discomfort. The therapist once again performed a physical exam, noting no changes to his range of motion, reduced swelling, decreased tenderness, and improved function in the knee. The therapist encouraged the employee and told him his knee was improving, which seemed to provide immediate relief to the employee. Ice, gentle soft tissue work to increase blood flow and reduce stiffness, kinesiotape, topical pain-relieving gel, and continued education on self-care and stretching to improve range of motion were provided. By the end of the session, he expressed confidence in his ability to return to work without restrictions and follow the therapist’s instructions at home. A follow up visit was again scheduled to monitor the employee’s progress.

A third and forth visit were scheduled and the employee continued to make progress in range of motion and ability to manage his symptoms using the recommendations of the therapist. The employee returned to full duty without issue.

When we had an employee experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort, we reached out to our partner iWorks Health to provide treatment to the employee. We were able to easily schedule a visit via their user-friendly portal and have a therapist meet him within 24 hours at his jobsite. His treatment plan ensured that he was getting the injury care he needed while also allowing him to remain active on the jobsite. We are happy with the quick progress he made after only a few visits with the therapist onsite and our employee was grateful for the easy process that allowed him to keep working!

Kayti B.
HR Manager, Gresser Companies

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