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How does your company take care of its employees when they are hurt?  Companies may have an onsite nurse, an injury hotline, a first aid kit, an emergency response team and safety protocols.  What’s missing?  An Onsite Therapist.  Prevent injuries by being proactive.  Why?  Employer costs for health insurance are skyrocketing at unsustainable rates.  Also, work comp premiums are determined by the company’s injury rate over the past three years.  This encourages companies to invest in the health of their employees to keep health care and work comp insurance premiums as low as possible.  An onsite therapist can provide care to an employee who feels sore, but before a more severe injury has occurred.

Prevent injuries by being proactive

A proactive approach to preventing injuries can include stretch programs, ergonomic risk assessments, early reporting of soreness and “hurt” instead of waiting for “injury.”  An onsite therapist can be at the workplace a few hours per week or up to full time, to work with employees to reduce their symptoms of discomfort, achiness, tenderness, or stiffness.  By using first aid techniques like heat or ice, soft tissue work (or massage), kinesiotape, and basic stretches, most soreness is reduced in just a few sessions.

The onsite therapist provides first aid care practices which keeps the employee out of the doctor’s office and at work.  The onsite therapist can come to the workplace only when needed to see a hurt employee.  They may also have set office hours per week.  The combination of early reporting and quick response by an onsite therapist puts the company in the proactive category for injuries.  That’s a good place to be.

This service can be a game changer in how a company deals with injuries and can save both the company and the employee valuable time and money.  See what our clients are saying about PDRWorks  and get your company started on a proactive program now!