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The best way to prevent headaches is by focusing on good posture! Lining up your head so that your ears are directly over your shoulders, especially while using a computer, driving, or working, can significantly reduce headaches. When we have a forward head posture, the stress and strain that’s placed on the structures of our cervical spine (neck) is significantly increased.  Forward head posture also lends to forward posture for the rest of our body, which can in turn contribute to soreness in the upper and lower back.

Good workstation ergonomics are key to sitting or standing with good posture.

  • Support your low back while seated
  • Focus on keeping your elbows bent at 90 degrees while using a keyboard
  • Make sure your feet are flat on the floor or supported by a stool
  • Position your monitor so that your eyes are level with the top of the screen
    • If you use a laptop routinely, consider getting an external monitor and keyboard, so you can raise the laptop up to eye level.

Another way to prevent headaches is by maintaining good mobility with regular stretching, or dynamic movement. You should try to stretch all the muscles in the front, side, and back of your neck throughout your workday. Be sure to hold these stretches and breathe, allowing the muscles to relax into the position. Doing simple stretches throughout your workday allows for the tight muscles to be refreshed and relaxed.

A companywide stretch program is a great way to encourage microbreaks and dynamic movement throughout your employees’ workday. As part of an early reporting program, ergonomic screens, job analysis, and onsite injury prevention, can help employees avoid injuries. iWorks Health offers all these services, and more, to help companies keep their people healthy and at work.

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