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Do you have sore employees?

A trained injury prevention specialist, like our therapists at iWorks Health, can help your employees feel better during their workday! Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, retail, or warehousing, an onsite therapist can come to your location to help reduce employees’ soreness and discomfort. 

OnsiteWorks therapyAn onsite therapist is trained in what the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, or OSHA, calls “first aid care.” For the discomfort of muscle aches, a hot or cold pack can soothe sore muscles and calm cranky shoulders, backs, and knees. The therapist may also do massage or soft tissue work. This can help loosen up tight, knotted muscles quickly. It also increases blood flow, bringing oxygen, nutrients, and lymph to refresh those overused and overworked muscles. After soft tissue work, the skin may appear pink which simply means the blood has begun to move under the skin and initiate its healing magic! A wonderful next step is the application of kinesiotape or Rock Tape. Putting one or two strips on the area is all that is needed. The tape gently lifts the skin and helps the muscles continue to get all the benefits of the massage! It also gives a subtle reminder for awareness of posture and use of good body mechanics while working. A final step of applying a cooling, soreness-relieving gel is the time when most people say “AHHHH!” Watching someone feel the soreness fade away is one of the most rewarding parts of injury prevention. 

Onsite sessions with a therapist also include education and coaching. Examples include: helping to increase understanding of the joints or tissues that are sore, engaging in collaborative problem solving to identify activities contributing to soreness, practicing safe ways to move, modifying work techniques and environments to improve comfort, and participating in dynamic movements that can be incorporated throughout the day. All of this in about 20 to 30 minutes!   

The best part about a session with an injury prevention specialist is that it is not part of health insurance or a work comp claim. It is a service you can provide as a benefit to your employees to keep them at work, feeling good, and loving their job. For a low cost per session or per week, this is an investment in your workers, and it shows them how much they are valued. 

Curious how your company can get started?

We can customize a plan for any company, any size, and in any industry. Check out our OnsiteWorks or MobileWorks services or connect with us at info@iworkshealth.com.