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Sore or Injured?

“Sore” or “Hurt,” can be very different from “Injured.”  It might seem like a just a new word, but it is good to recognize the differences.

Initially you may not know if you are only sore or hurt or truly injured.  An onsite therapist at your workplace can provide first aid care such as stretches, tape, heat/ice, soft tissue work like massage, and education about muscles, bones, joints, and general healing.  The therapist can help determine if you are sore/hurt, or injured and need to see a doctor.  However, conservative care through first aid can only help with beginning to heal and getting back to work quickly.

Injured workers are likely to require medical treatment such as physical or occupational therapy, or even injections, scans, or surgery.  A true injury requires medical intervention by a skilled provider such as a nurse, doctor, chiropractor, or therapist.  An injury indicates damage has occurred to tissues, joints, or other structures.

Sore or hurt can mean that you can still do what you need to do such as work, drive, take care of your family, and enjoy what you like to do.  You might be annoyed by the soreness or have trouble sleeping.  You might take an over the counter medicine to feel better.  Although you may not like the sensation of soreness, it doesn’t stop you from doing what you want or need to do.  Studies have shown that workers with soreness are less productive, more distracted and make more errors.  They are also a safety risk to themselves and others.  When you are sore or hurt, often home care or first aid care like heat, ice, taping, stretches, and education about what is happening to your body can decrease your level of soreness.

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